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Semi-Bitter Chocolate by Mayordomo, 500g

500g Semi-Bitter Blend

This Semi-Bitter Chocolate by Mayordomo is a 500 gram package of chocolate bars.  Imported from Oaxaca, Mexico.  Melt in hot milk or water for a delicious chocolate drink.  It makes 2.5 quarts of decadent hot cocoa; preparation is on the label.  It is also great for baking!



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asked by Anonymous on 2023-02-02 23:32:38
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  1. Hola. Eso depende mucho de lo que pidas. El peso tendrá el mayor impacto. Todo lo que pese más de 1 libra deberá enviarse con prioridad, lo que es más costoso. La prioridad de tarifa plana será de alrededor de $ 17.00
    mikaelaa1998 answered on 2023-02-03 02:09:58


"Hello again, The package arrived today. I'm absolutely in love with all the things. I have to say thank you again for the hearts you included in the order. Es un gesto más que amable!!! Me hizo tremenda ilusión, en serio. Muchas muchas gracias por todo."

Izaskun - Guadeloupe

"I would just like to say that the rabbit carving turned up over the weekend, and I absolutely love it! As I said before we saw one similar in Oaxaca when we were there last month, but I think the one you sent us is actually better! I had to pay the custom charges here in the UK but even with that it was certainly worth it! Thank you so much. I hope you can relay our gratitude to the artist."

Emma - South Cloucestershire, Great Britain

"I love these ornaments; they're uniquely festive and absolutely beautiful. Impossible to pass up as well, given the unbelievable prices and the wonderful small company feeling that one gets when they place an order with you. I ordered several ornaments last year to decorate the first Christmas tree that I've ever put up by myself. Anyhow, thanks again for the great service this year."

Cynthia - Winooski, VT

"Dear Phil - I am writing because I feel that you, unlike so many others I have ordered online from, deserve a personal and heartfelt thank you. The racoon I ordered and received from you is every bit as beautiful as the pictures and your personal note portrayed. It is going to make a friend of mine very happy indeed. So thank you again for your personal attention. It makes for a much more confident and enjoyable shopping experience."

Glendon - Blue Hill, ME

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you so very much for our lovely Chupacabra, Chihuahua & Coyote and Burro tin ornaments. They are absolutely lovely and my wife and I are thrilled with them. We were amazed at how quickly they arrived in Australia. We received them over a week ago but I have only been able to write now. Thank you for your beautiful art and your wonderful service. It is very much appreciated. All the very best wishes and kind regards."

David & Leanne


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