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Customer Testimonials & Feedback

"…. having visited Oaxaca myself many times, though not for years, finding someone like you who's obviously passionate and connected with the place…is second best to finding treasures in the market …"

Tom – Denver, CO


"Hi, Phil—Just wanted to let you know I got my chupacabra today, safe and sound. He’s absolutely gorgeous, bigger than I expected, and beautifully painted. He’s about to make an appearance on my Instagram feed—I’ll tag you, so take a look. Thanks so much—can’t wait to do business with you again! "

Kristina – Salem, OR


"Phil – Just got back from Mexico and wanted to write and tell you how impressed I was with the oaxacan carvings we received from you. They are among the most beautiful over ever seen. My favorite is the black and white cat with the tilted head. And yes, we did visit a cenote! Thanks for the tip. and the wood carvings! Will be happily buying from you again"

Elyse – Northfield, NJ


"My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last week, and I placed all the ornaments around the frame of a large mirror and gave it to him. Apparently the tenth is the "tin anniversary." We lived in Mexico for several years and miss it. Thanks for making some of its handicraft available to the world."

Dale – Atlanta, GA


"Good morning Phil – The new piece arrived and … O M G …. it is out of this world GREAT. I am very much enjoying your eye for selecting. I am one happy "alebrijist." "

Holger – San Francisco, CA


"I received the Mole shortly after you sent it. I couldn't be more excited about the product, and I have eaten it every day for the last two weeks. Thanks for your prompt service, and great product! I'll definitely be ordering again. Read about my failed attempts to make mole myself, at my blog."

Alexandra – BC, Canada

"Just wanted to say I received a surprise birthday gift from my daughter of a spoon rest from your shop. It arrived in perfect order. I absolutely love it! Thanks for helping to make my day!"

Gwyn Zollinger – Jeannette, PA


" Just a quick note to say that we opened the nacimiento yesterday.  All the figures arrived intact, so we are grateful for your careful packing.  The inclusion of a tin heart a la Valentine’s Day was a very nice touch.   We feel very fortunate to have such beautifully carved and painted figures.  They are really captivating.  I just signed up for the Viva Oaxaca email list and look forward to hearing from you in that way."

David – Atlanta, GA


"Dear Phil,  Thank you so much for the beautiful items (I love them!!) and your unbelievable, personalized customer service."
Jennifer – Rockville Centre, NY


"Hello Phil–I received the porcupine today.  I was sort of curious as to how it would survive the U.S. Mail–what a good idea to leave the quills to me.  So all is well–the porcupine is terrific and and I am quite pleased with my purchase.  Your site is easy-to-navigate and your service is excellent.  I will keep your site in mind for any future purchases."

Barbara – Shaker Heights, OH


"Hello Phil – I was very excited to find your web site. I have longed to have some traditional Mexican tin folk art. It's very hard to find in Australia  I will try again using pay pal  and the flat rate postage option. Thanks again!"

Lily – Victoria, Australia


"I would just like to say that the rabbit carving turned up over the weekend, and I absolutely love it!  As I said before we saw one similar in Oaxaca when we were there last month, but I think the one you sent us is actually better!  I had to pay the custom charges here in the UK but even with that it was certainly worth it! Thank you so much. I hope you can relay our gratitude to the artist."

Emma – South Cloucestershire, Great Britain


"We received our order of tin ornaments today and were VERY pleased with them. We have many Mexican tin ornaments, but not many of them are of the quality these are. Very nice, indeed! Thank you for the chocolate, too. We’ll save it for the next big snow day."

John – Shepherdstown, WV 

"Dear Phil – Happiest of Holiday wishes to you! I am writing because I feel that you, unlike so many others I have ordered online from, deserve a personal and heartfelt thank you. The racoon I ordered and received from you is every bit as beautiful as the pictures and your personal note portrayed. It is going to make a friend of mine very happy indeed. So thank you again for your personal attention. It makes for a much more confident and enjoyable shopping experience."

Glendon – Blue Hill, ME


"Just wanted to let you know that I received the Cheetah today, and although the box was a little worse for wear, the Cheetah arrived safe and sound. I'm sure my husband will love it. In fact, it will be hard to wait until Thursday to give it to him! It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly recommend you to my friends, and I'm sure I will be back for future purchases. Thanks again!"

Annie – Escondido, CA


"Hello! I represent a textbook company, Teacher's Discovery, which makes materials for teachers to use in their classrooms. Right now, we're working on a digital textbook that Spanish teachers would be able to share with their high school students. We are planning to use your YouTube video, "OAXACA, Mexico – Cultural Legacy of Chocolate in So. Mexico, as an example of authentic culture in a Spanish-speaking country. Please respond if you require licensing or have any objections."

Jayne – Auburn Hills, MI


"Hi Phil. Just wanted you to know that my order of bird ornaments arrived and they were a huge hit with my bird obsessed daughter. Thanks so much for the extras. They are all gorgeous! It was good to do business with you and hope to get more treasures in the future. Thanks again."

Cristina – Albany, NY


"I received the chocolate this afternoon. Just wanted to say "Thank you" for your great service. One chocolate tower was for me and the others I am giving away as special birthday gifts. I've already made some 'hot chocolates' for my family and it's delicious. I will certainly recommend your company to others!"

Tania – Melbourne, Australia

"The wonderful Oaxaca dog arrived yesterday – thank you for your quick   fulfillment and excellent packing. Having wrapped and hand carried many   alebrijes home myself, I appreciate the need for such special care. Thank you again for such a good experience shopping with you……."

Diana – Doylestown, PA


"Thank you so much Phil!  I have always loved the look of the painted tin and I can't tell you how thrilled we were to find these.  You have a beautiful selection of items.  I love those skeleton boxes!  Maybe for our home!  I'll be sure to send you a photo of the skeletons on our wedding cake.  Take care and thanks for your help!"

Amelia – Washington, DC


"Hello Phil — I am responding to confirm the arrival of the four pieces of art that were ordered by Daniel. All arrived perfectly well with no damages. He and I are most delighted by these outstanding expressions of art. We started to collect some pieces already several years ago and after "hitting" your website our passion was again awakened. Many thanks for your personal notes and for your concern about the delivery and safe arrival of the pieces here in Switzerland. Last but not least, we have realized that your business is not only about making money, but to highlight and support this wonderful world of the Oaxacan artists. We wish you lots of success."

Mercedes – Zurich, Switzerland


"Hi Phil! I just received the Man in the Moon sculpture—thanks so much   for sending it so promptly. I unpacked it, and just wanted to let you know that   it arrived in good condition, and I really love it! I was a little worried that   it would be cheap and commercial looking, but it's really nice and heavy, and the fine details in the painting are so striking."

Marsha – Waterboro, SC


"I love these ornaments; they're uniquely festive and absolutely beautiful.  Impossible to pass up as well, given the unbelievable prices and the wonderful small company feeling that one gets when they place an order with you.  I ordered several ornaments last year to decorate the first Christmas tree that I've ever put up by myself.  Anyhow, thanks again for the great service this year."

Cynthia – Winooski, VT

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