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Cats and Dogs

Oaxacan Wood Carvings

Hand-carved and then painted in cheerful colors, these alebrije carvings are the most sought-after folk art in Mexico. Each finely-crafted sculpture reflects its maker’s talent and imagination. We buy our figurines directly from carvers living in villages of the Oaxaca valley. Most are signed by the artists. In most wood-carving families, the husband does the carving and whittling, children sand the figurines to a smooth finish, and it is often the wives who paint the finely-detailed patterns. The realm of Oaxacan woodcarving reflects the best of Mexico’s wonderful, “made-by-hand” artistic traditions.

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This subcategory of collectible Oaxacan woodcarvings, features cat and dog figures. The carvings are one-of-a-kind, carved by hand and signed by the artists. We feature the work of renowned Mexican folk art makers such as Lauro Ramirez, Arsenio Morales, Roberta Angeles, Juventino Melchor and the Tribus Mixes collective. Each carver has a distinctive style. Sometimes, you can tell the artist by the eyes. Lauro Ramirez and his wife Griselda make carvings with expressive faces and friendly eyes. Arsenio Morales used black, glass eyes in most of his carvings. The Tribus Mixes pieces are often distinguished by their raised, textured paint patterns. Cheerful and colorful cats and dogs are probably the most popular of all the Oaxacan woodcarvings.

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